Rabbit Vaccination & Worming

Myxomatosis & Viral Haemorhagic Diarrhoea Vaccine

We use Nobivac Myxo-RHD vaccine to protect your rabbit against the 2 important diseases carried & spread by biting insects such as rabbit fleas and midges.

The viruses are carried in the salivary glands of the insects and are injected into the rabbit along with anticoagulants to allow the insect to feed. They will be taken in from infected rabbits and then passed on to other rabbits at feeding.

Even rabbits in urban gardens are at risk of infection from flying insects and from rabbit fleas carried on dogs, cats foxes, badgers and other small mammals.

Rabbit Worming

Ideally rabbits should be wormed TWICE a year with a good wormer such as Panacur Rabbit Paste. This also helps to reduce the incidence of E. Cuniculae – a parasite that causes an encephalitis and inner ear disturbance causing a head tilt and the consequent “flipping over” as the rabbit tries to regain its balance.