About us

There has been a Veterinary Practice in Mitton Gardens since 1993. Bay Tree Veterinary Centre was opened by Robert Green on 1st June 1998.

We aim to provide a caring and friendly service at reasonable prices. We are equipped with modern facilities and offer a comprehensive range of services, so delivering the very best in healthcare for your pet. We welcome your questions and feedback.

We offer good value Vaccination Packages and Healthy Pet Club Plans that match others in the area.

There have been a lot of new veterinary practices opening recently in the area offering cheap vaccination and low cost neutering deals. This may be tempting to a lot of pet owners, but this is a loss leader that is bound to have to be clawed back on other services somewhere along the line.

Swapping between vets trying to get the cheapest deal is not always in your pet’s best interest. Remember that drugs given by different vets, without knowledge of existing treatments, may be detrimental and harmful to your pet and in some circumstances may prove fatal. Always inform the receptionist and Vet if your pet has been, or is currently, under treatment by another veterinary practice. We will need to get a history to your pet’s treatment before we examine your pet. This is for your pet’s welfare and not just to be awkward.

Are you worried about your pet?

Is it really urgent? Are you unsure how soon you should bring them in to see a vet? Use our interactive symptom guide to find out.

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